Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Tired of Ugly Carpets? So Are We!

For years it was expected that commercial carpets would eventually “ugly out” and go to an early grave. Not any longer!

J. Brightwell Carpet Cleaning utilizes innovative cleaning technologies to help your carpet stay clean longer. Your carpet will continue to look good day-in and day-out.

Clean Carpets Pay for Themselves!

A five year old carpet that has been cleaned on a regular basis will maintain a 92% appearance rating. Whereas a five year old carpet that has been neglected can degrade to a 50% appearance rating (according to Allied Fibers).

Protect Your Carpet Investment!

J. Brightwell Carpet Cleaning can save you money with a reliable Carpet Maintenance Plan tailored to fit your budget and busy work schedule.

Don’t Interrupt Your Daily Business!

Quick-Drying Interim Maintenance Cleanings our low moisture cleaning process that is cost effective and provides great results.

FREE Carpet Inspection & Estimate!

Call us to receive a free evaluation of what is needed to care for your carpet properly. We will show you how you can extend the useful life of your carpet to keep it looking its best.

5 Proven Tips to Extend Your Carpet’s Life

  1. Preventive Maintenance
    Dirt is everywhere. Keeping it out of buildings is easier and less expensive than removing it.
  2. Vacuuming
    Regular vacuuming is the most important part of any maintenance program.
  3. Spot Removal
    Spots are inevitable, but they don’t have to be permanent. Remove a spill quickly and there is less chance it will become a stain.
  4. Interim Cleaning
    Scheduled pile lifting, vacuuming,spot removal and low moisture cleaning can help the carpet retain appearance and improve performance.
  5. Restorative Deep Cleaning
    No matter how conscientiously you work at it, regularly scheduled maintenance will still leave some soil behind. Periodic deep cleaning, using hot water extraction, is most effective at removing any embedded abrasive soil.