Referral Rewards Program

As any business owner will attest, nothing sells a service or product better than a solid referral from a family member, friend, or work associate.  By referring J. Brightwell Carpet Cleaning to your family, friends, or co-workers, you are demonstrating a trust and confidence that we truly appreciate.  Yet, a simple ‘thank you’ does not seem sufficient.  So we have decided to do a little more.

In addition to our sincere appreciation, for every successful referral, J. Brightwell Carpet Cleaning will provide you with a Referral Reward equal to 10% of the referred job total – up to $50.00 – that you can use for future J. Brightwell services.

Here is How it Works

  1. Tell someone you know about J. Brightwell Carpet Cleaning. To make this easy for you, we will provide referral cards after each service visit. We are also happy to send additional cards at any time.
  2. When a person you referred contacts J. Brightwell and tells us by whom they were referred, we immediately make a record of it.
  3. Upon completing the job for the new client, J. Brightwell automatically sends you a referral reward card with the amount that can be applied to future services.

The only limitations for using your rewards are: 1) Only $25.00 can be applied per service visit, 2) Minimum costs apply, 3) Reward points are applicable to residential cleaning only, 4) Reward points must be used within one year of being issued.

That’s all there is to it! If you have any questions about our Referral Rewards Program, please contact us.

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