Upholstery Cleaning Codes (Upholstery Cleaning Plymouth, MA-Cape Cod)

What do those letters on that tag mean? If you lift a seat cushion on a sofa or chair, chances are you will see a tag labeled along the lines of “Recommended Cleaning Instructions”. Somewhere on that tag, you should see the letter S, W, or X. Sometimes, you may see more than one of […] Read more »

Upholstery Cleaning North Falmouth MA

Benefits Of Utilizing Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services From time to time, people will realize that the furniture that they have in their home is not looking as pristine as it once did years ago. There could be stains as a result of children spilling drinks, and the general discoloration from dirt and grime that occurs […] Read more »

Cleaning Upholstery Requires Extra Care (Upholstery Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth)

Upholstery cleaning differs from carpet cleaning in a number of ways and requires a measured approach to achieve good results.  Because most upholstery is much more delicate than carpet, extra care is required along with the use of specific cleaning solutions and the right tools. First, the cleaner should perform a thorough inspection of the […] Read more »