Scotchgard Protects Against Stains (Carpet Cleaning Plymouth, MA – Cape Cod)

It’s always a pleasure to see how bright and clean your carpets look right after they’ve been professionally cleaned. You can keep them looking fresh and clean longer by asking for genuine Scotchgard carpet protector. Applying Scotchgard protector to your carpet or upholstery assures you of the best protection possible against re-soiling and stains. Scotchgard […] Read more »

Upholstery Cleaning Codes (Upholstery Cleaning Plymouth, MA-Cape Cod)

What do those letters on that tag mean? If you lift a seat cushion on a sofa or chair, chances are you will see a tag labeled along the lines of “Recommended Cleaning Instructions”. Somewhere on that tag, you should see the letter S, W, or X. Sometimes, you may see more than one of […] Read more »

Corner Cutting Red Flags (Carpet Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth, MA)

Unfortunately, the carpet cleaning industry is not immune to subpar service providers.  However, as an informed consumer, if you are aware of at least some of the common corner cutting practices, you can save yourself the time and aggravation that is part of a poor service experience. There are some very basic elements of a […] Read more »

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned? (Carpet Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth)

Clients frequently ask how often they should schedule professional carpet cleaning.  The initial response is one that no one really likes to hear…“Well, it depends.”  OK, on what does it depend?  The most important factor to consider is how much use the carpet receives.  Is the carpet installed in the home of an active family […] Read more »

Tile & Grout Cleaning (Tile and Grout Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth, MA)

Below are a couple of before and after pictures from a recent tile and grout cleaning job at a veterinary clinic.  Before being cleaned by J. Brightwell, anyone looking at the floor would have guessed the grout was black.  As seen in the ‘after’ picture, the true color of the grout is sand. Read more »

Rug Dusting Is Not Something Done in Your Home (Rug cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth)

As stated in an earlier post, rug cleaning can be performed in a home but it does have its limitations.  The greatest limitation to in-home rug cleaning is the inability to properly remove accumulated dry soil by ‘dusting’ the rug. Briefly, rug dusting is the process of removing dry soil from a rug using various […] Read more »

Mahogany Wood Stain Removed from Carpet (Carpet cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth)

Here are before and after pictures from a recent job.  There was a water leak that resulted in the finish from the mahogany used in this billiard room transferring to the wall-to-wall carpet.  There were two areas primarily affected, the most heavily stained seen in the pictures, but there were also a number of smaller […] Read more »

When Buying a Rug, There Are Some to Avoid (Rug Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth)

In the not too distant past, while there were, and still are, varying degrees of quality and price, purchasing an area rug meant it would most likely be constructed of wool.  That is no longer true.  Inexpensive rugs made of synthetic materials have changed the market for rug buying.  Although these “new” rugs are seen […] Read more »

What to Expect With Rug Cleaning (Rug Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth)

Rug cleaning is a bit different from carpet cleaning and requires a different process to complete a thorough cleaning. Ideally, rugs are removed from the home and cleaned at an appropriate off-site location, referred to as a rug cleaning plant.  Some rug cleaning plants are large and have the capacity to clean a great number […] Read more »

Do You Know How to Maintain Your Carpet Warranty? (Carpet Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth)

New carpet warranties are just like any other warranty.  That means there are many ways to void the warranty by not following exactly the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. A warranty requirement by all major carpet manufacturers is regular professional cleaning.  The frequency of “regular” cleaning can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but is generally […] Read more »