Cleaning Upholstery Requires Extra Care (Upholstery Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth)

Upholstery cleaning differs from carpet cleaning in a number of ways and requires a measured approach to achieve good results.  Because most upholstery is much more delicate than carpet, extra care is required along with the use of specific cleaning solutions and the right tools. First, the cleaner should perform a thorough inspection of the […] Read more »

Do You Know How to Maintain Your Carpet Warranty? (Carpet Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth)

New carpet warranties are just like any other warranty.  That means there are many ways to void the warranty by not following exactly the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. A warranty requirement by all major carpet manufacturers is regular professional cleaning.  The frequency of “regular” cleaning can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but is generally […] Read more »

Look Beyond Price to Select a Carpet Cleaner Carpet Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth, MA

When selecting a carpet cleaning service, one should look beyond the lowest price.  While price is certainly a factor, there are a number of others that go into providing a quality service which results in not only clean carpets at a fair price, but an overall positive service experience. When searching for a carpet cleaning […] Read more »

6 Reasons You Should Always Apply Scotchgard Protector Carpet Cleaning Cape Cod-Marion-Plymouth, MA

Professional cleaning is the best way to maintain your carpets and Scotchgard carpet protector should be part of every cleaning.  Why, you ask? Protector reduces permanent stains. A great looking carpet can be ruined by an ugly spot. Unprotected carpet doesn’t repel spillage as well as that with Scotchgard protector. Protector will allow you to […] Read more »